So if you are like me you might have a big collection of plushies (digital ones going on). I found that it was starting to get away from me, and I ended up using a script I found. You can organise them if you have this script, too.

I ran into the a small problem when initially organising, there aren't enough categories. I think this was a good thing though because it forced me to focus my collection and I feel like the only way to really differentiate your gallery from others is to leave things out.

I use these categories; characters (e.g. Illusen Plushie), basics (the four basic colours of each pet), colours (one row of each other colour, using the rarest 4 I can afford), petpets (and petpetpets maybe not sure yet), magical (magical plushies), morphing potions, misc.

I do think i'll come up with more categories in the future, but that can wait until I've completed the others to a realistic level, perhaps a cute category or something? I have the cuddly plushies I want to add somewhere, also the codestones are a must have for me.

This script changed my life!