My boyfriend and I are known for doing our annual Halloween party. We've been throwing a Halloween party for six years in a row now. Here are some of the things we do at the party.

So we were thinking about a cosplay themed halloween party this year. We wanted halloween invitations that were open so we didn't go with the common cosplay themes. We left it pretty much up to the participants. And just made sure to tell people that it was a cosplay themed party.

Though movie monsters were alright too, but you find them at most Halloween parties.

What is the difference you ask?

Not much. A costume at a convention is a cosplay costume, at a Halloween party it is a Halloween costume, and then it is a cosplay again if you tell people that it is. See what I mean?

It doesn't matter.

For hosting, I really dont start drinking until about an hour after people start to show up. This is because I am usually still finishing up some food items, but my kitchen and living room are open to eachother so I am still able to talk and mingle with my friends. My personality to make other people happy, therefore be a great hostess, also helps in the sense that I am constantly either engaging in a long conversation or making sure other people are satisfied drink-wise before I help myself.

Over the years I have come up with some different games. One that has become a mainstay is Monster Money.

What I do is print off a bunch of "monster money" which is just Halloween themed cash. I used a photo and just made them all $1s. I also make them small so i can save paper. When each guest arrives, they get 5 monster bucks, and they can use them for paying someone to refill your drink, or pay them to dance around the bonfire, or you can earn money by selling them a cigarette, or a beer, or you can bribe them to vote for you for best costume. I also scatter money around random places throughout the night.

Whoever has the most Monster Money at the end of the night wins a prize.

The prize doesn't have to cost much.

I go all out on decor as well. But really, you'd be surprised how many decorations and props you can build up after a couple of years of throwing parties, you don't have to spend a ton the first year.

The secret to making drunk people happy, though, is food.

Have an awesome spread and they will enjoy themselves. I typically have multiple things going on to satisfy everybodys tastes not everybody likes the games.

Some like sitting outback with a beer and talking, some like videogames, some like our dogs, but if you have good food, good music, and alcohol, people will find a way to have fun.

Oh, and another monster related game is Monster Mash. Two teams tie balloons around their ankles, then when the music starts, they try to smash the other teams balloons. Whoever wins gets Monster Money.

I think it would be really fun to go to a totally retro Halloween party with vintage-style decorations, homemade costumes with papier-mâché masks, and classic party activities like bobbing for apples and fortune telling games (once a huge staple of Halloween parties). Creepy foods like 'finger' sandwiches and spider cookies, with dry ice ice bubbling in the punch bowl. None of the gory stuff, no 'sexy' costumes. Halloween in the classic style.

Maybe next year.