There are many opportunities to grab some great SWAG at PAX.

Post here what you find and what booth you found it at. Make sure to include details you find, like if a booth has no XL shirts, or where to start a scavenger hunt.

By Friday night we should have a robust list of where all the best SWAG is.

If anyone is wondering about Nintendo- they have a lapel pin for playing each game, and if you get in the Switch line and play 3 games they give you a Nintendo Switch pin, this is a red pin with actual pin backing!

The pins are just ok- if you're looking for swag, you'll have to try to get on stage to play one of the games in front of the audience. They gave out various things including a Breath of the Wild shirt. I'm pretty sure that's the only way to get anything but the pins, and you just have to get lucky to be pulled on stage. (Or be in cosplay)

Some more highlights:

  • Paxxp is giving a keychain if you complete it. If you are only goi g to pax for one day I recommend skipping it because it can take up a good chunk of your day.
  • There is a special paxxp badge scanner you can check once a day to see if you win something.
  • Rime booth giving out fox plushy for playing the game and a special shirt if you show them proof of preorder.
  • Discord booth is giving out a special pin if you take a picture with wumpus and tweet it with the wumpus hashtag. He's closer to the swag bag area of the expo hall.
  • Dreadnaught booth on opposite side is giving away shirts for playing.
  • Dauntless booth is handing out patches.