I started out only collecting bears, but now I find myself drawn to all kinds of realistic-looking mammals (I have a dog, an elephant, and a rabbit). I specifically prefer realistic looking animals, but nothing designed to only hold one pose: I like softer, snuggly plush.

Softness and uniqueness.

My current favorite is a Folkmanis rabbit in this category, so I'll probably look into another of the Folkmanis puppets as my next addition.

I'm also pretty big into Squishables because they're pretty adorable and also make great pillows haha.

I also like super cute/kawaii pushies of any kind but specifically cats or cat-like creatures. Specifically, Rilakumma and Sanrio characters. I'm also a huge fan of the plushies produced by Amuse, the Japanese toy company. In total, I own seven different Alpacassos and two Pote Usa Loppies. I'm also looking to branch into American and European brand stuffed animals. Merrythought in particular produces the cutest Cheeky bears! Plushes that are pink or have any pastel/rainbow colors are also adorable.

I've also got some Pokémon plushes as well.

Afriend of mine enjoys food plushies: pizza slices, candy, hamburgers, fries, ice cream, fruits,etc.

What do YOU look for, in a plush?