I hate being talked bad about for a hobby that harms no one. So what if they are more for babies/toddlers/children.

It took me a while to really indulge my love of plush animals, because I worried that it was thought of as babyish. Then I gradually stopped caring (as I acquired more plush animals). In the end, I think it boils down to: their opinion of your hobbies doesn't matter. Nobody asked them to share it, and you shouldn't let it affect you negatively.

Be yourself and ignore every negative comment.

If it bothers you, tell someone about it, maybe your parents. I'm sure they would understand and correct your siblings. But if that doesn't turn out well, tell someone you trust about it, someone who will accept you for who you are.

In the end you cannot control everyone around you, but you can control you. Don't let the unfounded negative opinions of others which you cannot control dictate your life which you can.


I've started collecting various items here and there (books, stamps, etc.) but never really see it through because they end up being too expensive or too hard to find. If you collect something, how did you decide that's what you wanted to collect? Something cheap and easy?

Something that has some kind of a prize associated with it?

  1. Cheap
  2. Common
  3. Pretty

I distinguish collecting from hoarding. Right now I have about a billion snowballs, so I was thinking I might as well collect those, but it wouldn't really have much of a purpose.

I collected things for my gallery ... one of each type of omelette, aisha plushies ... based on things I liked and where it seemed I would eventually be able to collect them all.

But I also hoard ... It's a labor of love.